FamilyClip 4U

FamilyClip 4U

Standard hanger fully definable in text and color.
Perimeter and customizable text cut with laser technology, CNC bending, powder coating following the requested color.
This is the basic FamilyClip advanced towards a completely individualizable object. This is the basic hanger catalog but in this case you can choose the text you want. You are looking at a functional and original product that you can combine in multiple spaces. All our hangers include a brief installation guide and the necessary parts so you can place them anywhere you want immediately.

  • Width: 75 mm
  • Height: 165 mm
  • Thickness: 3 mm

To use this definition should tell us the text you want to appear in the FamilyClip. The text is limited to 15 characters.


Now select a color for your FamilyClip. By default FamilyClip are painted white unless you specify other color. The color change does not increase the cost.

Color negro mateColor naranjaColor burdeosColor azulColor rojo


Your selection is FamilyClip 4U Negro mate with name Inserts a text. Price: 19.90€ Shipping: 6.00€

Delivery time of FamilyClip 4U is 7 days. Up to this moment only delivers for Spain are available.