FamilyClip Premium

FamilyClip Premium

Standard hanger made ​​of aluminum with full text definable and black anodized.
Perimeter and customizable text cut with laser technology, CNC bending, anodized in black.

This is the latest innovation from FamilyClip. This is an example of the 4U ​​model but manufactured in aluminum with a black anodized surface treatment, giving the product an aesthetic finish and supreme. Is the concept of an original, customizable, and equipped with a light and presence that make it different from anything you can find in the market. All our hangers include a brief installation guide and the necessary parts so you can place them anywhere you want immediately.

  • Width: 75 mm
  • Height: 165 mm
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Weight: 55 gr

To use this definition should tell us the text you want to appear in the FamilyClip. The text is limited to 15 characters.

Now select a color for your FamilyClip. By default FamilyClip Premium are anodized unless you specify not to. The change does not increase the cost.

AnodizadoNo Anodizado

Your selection is FamilyClip Premium Anodized with name Insert a text. Price: 24.90€ Shipping: 6.00€

Delivery time of FamilyClip Premium is 7 days. Up to this moment only delivers for Spain are available.